About the The Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware
Veterinary technicians provide similar care and daily tasks as human nurses. Our VSCD nurses are responsible for aiding our specialists and emergency doctors with almost every aspect of care from assessing incoming patients to assisting in surgeries to medication administration to counseling clients.

VSCD employs more than 60 skilled veterinary nurses, almost all of whom have graduated from a two–year veterinary technology program and are licensed in the state of Delaware. In fact, several nurses are now specialty certified (equivalent to a nurse practitioner) in the areas of critical care, internal medicine and ophthalmology — credentials achieved after hours of case reporting and testing. All of our nurses are highly skilled in their specific specialties, and are invaluable to the advanced care we provide to our patients and their families.

Natalie Herring, LVT, VTS (Ophthalmology)
Ophthalmology - Nursing Supervisor

Natalie Herring

Natalie earned her associates degree in veterinary technology from Delaware Technical and Community College and became licensed in 2002.  She began working at the Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware in 2002 in the ophthalmology department where she is currently the Ophthalmology Supervisor.  

She is president of the Veterinary Ophthalmic Technicians Society, a role she has held for many years.  In this role, Natalie led a national team to credential a new new national veterinary technician field in August, 2016 -- the Academy of Veterinary Ophthalmology Technicians -- for which she now serves as founding board member and president. 

Natalie states, “The AVOT’s mission is to advocate ocular health while advancing the knowledge and practice standards in the field of ophthalmology. The Academy operates under the guidance of NAVTA and the ACVO to foster yearly continuing education, professional development, and networking with industry partners.”

Natalie is pictured with her dog, Kairi.

Kelly Lees, LVT
Emergency - Nursing Supervisor

Kelly Lees

Kelly begain her nursing career by completing a human LPN program in 1999.  She soon realized that human nursing was not for her, so she started working in the animal healthcare field as a kennel technician/technician assistant in 2002.  Kelly knew then that she had found her calling!

She soon attended Delaware Technical and Community College and graduated with an associates degree in Veterinary Technology and became formally licensed as a veterinary technician in 2010.

Since 2004, Kelly has been working the overnight emergency shift at various hospitals, joining VSCD in 2011 where she is the overnight emergency supervisor.

Kelly lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Andy, son, Owen, doggs Maggie and Quarry, cats Gilbert and Sweet Pea and four chickens: Maybelle, Emmy Lou, Patsy and Charlie.

Kelly is pictured with her chicken, Loretta.

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Stephanie Lenoir, LVT, VTS (Emergency & Critical Care)
Emergency - Nursing Supervisor

Stephanie Lenoir

Stephanie graduated from Delaware Technical and Community College with an Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology in 2008, where she was recently highlighted in the college’s alumni magazine along with VSCD ophthalmology veterinary technician specialist, Natalie Herring.

Stephanie began her career as a veterinary assistant in 2000 and became licensed as a veterinary technician in 2007. She has been working at VSCD since 2007, where she now serves as the emergency nurse day supervisor. She is a member of the VSCD Biosecurity Committee and speaks to the teams at regional general veterinary practices on the topic of fractious animal nursing. She is also a wonderful ambassador for VSCD, and can be seen at community events stitching up injured stuffed animals at our famous MASH tent. Stephanie truly enjoys being an emergency nurse from triaging to working in the critical care unit, and especially loves surgery and anesthesia. She is an integral member of our supervisory team, and valued mentor to our newer staff. 

Stephanie has 2 small children named Hayden and Hailey,  she has a husband named Jonathan and has 2 dogs, Toby Tyler (Yorkie) and Lexi (Chesapeake Bay Retriever).

Alanna Mallory, LVT, VTS (SAIM)
Internal Medicine - Nursing Supervisor

Alanna Mallory

Alanna graduated from the University of Delaware in 2002 with a BS in Animal Science.  She began her work in veterinary medicine in 1999 as a veterinary assistant then emergency technician. 

In 2006, she joined the VSCD Internal Medicine team and was licensed as a veterinary technician in 2008.  Alanna achieved her VTS (Veterinary Technician Specialist) certification in Small Animal Internal Medicine in 2012. 

She is currently a member of AIMVT (Academy of Internal Medicine for Veterinary Technicians) and the Biosecurity Committee at VSCD.

Alanna enjoys all things Internal Medicine – the more complicated the patient, the better!  She especially enjoys procedures such as scopes, bone marrow aspirates, joint taps, endotracheal washes, feeding tube placements, etc.

Alanna has written several client handouts for VSCD and regularly provides education in the classroom and on the floor to VSCD staff.  She is passionate about providing the highest quality of patient care.

Alanna has a cat, Simba, a dog, Killian (long-haired dachshund pictured above) and a husband (tall lab technician!).

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David Mazzoni, CMT, Hydrotherapist
Rehabilitation - Nursing Supervisor

David Mazzoni

A musician since birth, David began his interest in animal rehabilitation after his own dog, Sparky, needed a hip replacement which led to canine osteoarthritis and ultimately a hind limb amputation. By working with board-certified veterinary surgeon Dr. Amy Kapatkin, David learned the mechanics of the animal body and exercises to increase mobility and strength as Sparky required a cart for mobility. This led him to work as a hydrotherapist for almost 15 years in private veterinary practice before sharing his skills with VSCD.

David has been integral to the start-up and success of the Rehabilitation Center and its hydrotherapy program at VSCD.  David now serves as the Rehabilitation Supervisor. 

David sees patients at VSCD New Castle Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday during the day, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings. 

David is pictured with his dog, Bob.

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