Meet Our Administrative Team

The VSCD administrative team is critical in keeping the daily activities of the hospital and staff moving forward while operating at an optimal level. This staff serves as a liaison between the staff, doctors, referring veterinarians, clients and the community and ensure resources are used in the most frugal and effective way.

About the The Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware


VSCD’s management team of four brings a large breadth of experience, compassion and vision to the specialty and emergency medicine provided at VSCD.


Two core driving principles of VSCD are to provide exceptional service to clients and referring veterinarians and to provide community support and involvement. Through VSCD’s marketing and outreach efforts, we strive to foster communication and collaboration with clients, veterinarians, community groups and industry partners.

Shirley A. Lockhart, MBA
Hospital Director

Shirley A. Lockhart

Since the hospital’s opening, Shirley has been a consistent, knowledgeable force at VSCD as our hospital has evolved to meet changing needs of clients and pets. As our hospital director, Shirley directly oversees all strategies and operations of the management team while providing a strong base for the hospital’s partners and doctors.  

Shirley is a Delaware native and received an associate degree in applied science (business administration technology, marketing, and management) from Delaware Technical and Community College. She then went on to complete a BS in business management and an MBA, both from Wilmington College (now Wilmington University). Shirley’s specific professional interests include ethics in veterinary management, fostering change in veterinary management as an industry, and veterinary management consulting. She is an active member of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association, Inc., Association of Veterinary Practicing Managers, Consultants and Advisors, Veterinary Management Group, and Wilmington Hospital Managers Association.

Shirley enjoys opera, gardening, and reading, and along with her husband “Santa Dan,” shares travel and spending time with their beloved granddaughter, Hope. 

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Kathy Maney
Hospital Administrator

Kathy Maney

Kathy serves as VSCD’s hospital administrator, which includes overseeing day-to-day operations of the hospital, computer and phone networking, client services, and human resources. She is the hospital’s “go-to” person to address client concerns and to resolve issues quickly and with compassion—making her an invaluable link between our VSCD staff and the clients and pets for which we care.  

Kathy has worked with VSCD since 2000, starting first as a client services representative, was quickly promoted to client services supervisor, and then to office manager. She has been a key team member through most of the hospital’s growth, renovation and construction and her keen understanding of hospital flow has been critical to future growth projects.  

Kathy lives in Wilmington with her husband and enjoys gardening, walking, motorcycle rides, and spending time with her bulldog grandson, Angus. Angus served as VSCD team mascot at a recent motorcycle fundraiser for animals. 

Kathy is pictured with her grand-dog, Angus, and her own dog, Bruce.

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Danielle Muldoon, LVT
Inventory/Pharmacy Manager

Danielle Muldoon

As VSCD marked its 15th birthday in 2015, we have often talked about the “Original 8” – or the very first group of employees who worked tirelessly before, during and after VSCD opened its doors of specialty medicine in the region. Our very own Danielle is one of the Original 8.

Danielle began her veterinary medical career in 1995, and worked for 5 years in general practice before joining a small group of veterinary specialists in Delaware to set up VSCD’s first home in Newport, DE in 2000. Danielle worked as an Internal Medicine Technician for 9 years, becoming a Licensed Veterinary Technician in 2008. Following, she served as the part-time dentistry technician at VSCD for 12 years. In January 2013, Danielle was promoted to Inventory/Pharmacy Manager and oversees a pharmacy team of four technicians, along with serving as manager of building oversight. 

Danielle ensures the highest standards in our pharmacy and New Castle building through proper inventory management and top-notch lab protocols, and is an integral part of the management team at VSCD. When Danielle is not running a highly efficient pharmacy and ensuring our hospital is well-equipped with medical supplies, she enjoys supporting the scholastic and athletic accomplishments of her children.  She’s also been known to play a good game of kick-ball herself.

Lisa Smith, LVT, VTS (ECC)
Medical Staff Manager

Lisa Smith

As the medical staff manager for our hospital, Lisa manages and recruits all emergency and specialty nurses and is a vital link between our technical/nursing staff and our specialists and clinicians. Lisa works to match staff skills and duties to ensure that all patients receive the highest standard of care with optimal resources.

As a seasoned emergency technician herself, Lisa understands the importance of a well-functioning team during a pet’s most critical health crisis and brings this perspective to her style of management and care. A 13-year employee of VSCD, she also understands the culture of VSCD and, along with several service supervisors, encourages and mentors staff toward professional growth and enhanced protocol.

In the fall of 2014, Lisa achieved her certification as a Veterinary Technician Specialist in the area of Emergency and Critical Care and in December 2016 she graduated with a Master's degree in Veterinary Forensic Sciences from the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.

Lisa began her career in veterinary medicine as a technician in general practice and studied pre-veterinary science at the University of Delaware. She has a strong interest in emergency medicine and forensics, and has a strong artistic flare! She currently serves as the Veterinary Technician Representative for the Board of the Delaware Veterinary Medical Association, and is a Certified RECOVER CPR Trainer. Lisa enjoys lecturing and teaching hands-on CPR workshops to veterinary personnel, first responders, and pet owners.