Supporting Pets Fighting Cancer

Pet Cancer Care at The Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware
Unfortunately, cancer is a frequent and serious condition in dogs and cats of all ages. At the Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware (VSCD), we understand that when your pet is diagnosed with cancer, it can be very stressful and you are looking for options.

Dr. Rachael Gaeta, our board-certified oncologist, is trained to diagnose and treat canine and feline cancer. Her advanced knowledge in small animal medical oncology allows her to provide information and guidance regarding the most advanced treatment options available for your pet so your family can make the best decisions possible for your pet’s wellbeing.

Some of our oncology services include:

  • Canine and feline cancer staging—Dependent upon the type of cancer and the symptoms and severity of symptoms, cancer stages are defined and used to help shape the best treatment protocols for prognosis and the pet’s comfort.
  • Chemotherapy—Similar to the treatment of human cancers, different pet cancers have a variety of medicinal treatments that can successfully push the cancer back and, in many cases, cure the pet’s condition.
  • Surgery—When removal of a tumor or cancerous tissue is the best course of action, our oncologists and surgeons work together to provide the safest and most effective procedures available.
  • Immunotherapy—Some treatments for cancer encourage the pet's immune system to recognize and fight off cancerous cells. Our oncologists will advise you of the best treatment options for your pet’s specific type of cancer.
  • Consultation/referral for radiation therapy—The Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware maintains an excellent relationship with nearby facilities equipped to provide radiation treatments to pets should our oncologist determine this is the best treatment for your pet.
  • Pain management—Keeping your pet comfortable is one of the important keys to successful cancer treatment and to maintaining your pet’s high quality of life.

Pet Cancer Care at The Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware
Our highly compassionate oncologist and oncology nurses work closely with all other services at VSCD to ensure all aspects of your pet's condition are addressed thoroughly. Our goal is to provide our clients and patients with the tools necessary to maintain an excellent quality of life and to preserve the cherished bond between animals and their caregivers.

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