Advanced Technology for Pets

Veterinary Endoscopy is Available at The Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware
Being able to see the internal surfaces of structures without performing surgery is a significant advantage in diagnosing pets that are already under physical stress. The Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware (VSCD) is equipped with endoscopic technology for diagnosing and treating pet ailments.

What is an endoscope?

An endoscope is a diagnostic tool that has a tiny camera affixed to the end of a flexible tube. The tube can be inserted into the digestive tract or nasal pathways of a pet, allowing our specialists to examine the internal surfaces and diagnose the cause of a wide variety of symptoms.

What conditions require an endoscopic exam?

Our veterinarians are able to use the endoscope in cases where pets have shown signs of illness related to the digestive tract but all other diagnostic tests have been unable to determine the cause of the issue. We have diagnosed many different conditions with endoscopic examination, including:

  • Ulcers
  • Tumors
  • Foreign body blockages
  • Inflamed tissues

We are also able to attach a special tool to the endoscope for removing foreign objects that a pet may have eaten such as toys, coins, nails, bones, and other odd objects.

Is endoscopy a difficult procedure for a pet?

Pets have to be anesthetized before endoscopy, so they will not remember the procedure at all. Endoscopy is much less invasive than surgery and so it proves to be highly beneficial and a comparatively gentle procedure in which the pet recovers quickly and is able to go home after coming out of the anesthesia.

If you have any questions about our endoscopy abilities, please contact the helpful staff and veterinarians of the Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware. If you believe this technology could be of benefit to your pet, speak with your family veterinarian about a referral.