Veterinary Diagnostics & In-House Laboratory

Veterinary Diagnostics & an In-House Lab Are Available at The Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware
When pets are ill or injured, their condition can change rapidly, making timely and accurate diagnosis and lab results critically important. The Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware (VSCD) is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostics for the benefit of all of our patients.

In-House Veterinary Laboratory

With our laboratory technology, we can have results to most lab tests within minutes, allowing our veterinarians to move ahead with diagnosing and treatment of pets. The quality of our equipment allows for accurate and detailed test results for superior patient monitoring. Some of the tests our in-house lab conducts include:


  • Electrocardiograph—The EKG measures the electrical activity of the heart, which gives our veterinarians an indication of any disruptions in the heart rhythms.
  • Echocardiograph—The non-invasive cardiac ultrasound allows us to view the pet’s heart and examine the condition of the valves, blood vessels, heart muscle, and chambers.
  • Doppler ultrasound—This technology allows us to view the flow of blood in and around the heart in real time.

Veterinary Diagnostics & an In-House Lab Are Available at The Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware

Internal Medicine

  • Endoscopy—Under sedation, this tiny camera on a flexible tube can be used to view the internal condition of the gastrointestinal tract, the upper respiratory pathways, and reproductive system. The scope can also be fitted with a tool to aid in removing foreign objects pets have ingested.
  • Digital X-ray—The digital nature of our X-ray technology allows our veterinarians to take less images while achieving much more accurate diagnoses. The images have very high definition so we can locate even the smallest hairline fractures and joint conditions as well as soft tissue issues.
  • Ultrasound—As a non-invasive means of viewing internal structures, the ultrasound is an invaluable tool for our veterinarians and frequently helps guide next steps in diagnosis and treatment of pet conditions.
  • CT scanning— When an in-depth internal scan is needed, our CT technology can be used for definitive diagnoses.

If you believe the diagnostic capabilities of the Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware could benefit your pet, speak with your family veterinary about a referral. Our specialists will gladly work with your pet’s doctor to evaluate his or her health condition.

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