Comprehensive Pet Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Veterinary Dentistry at The Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware
Oral health in pets is essential to overall health, since bacteria that take root in the mouth can spread into the blood stream and affect the rest of the pet’s body. The Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware's (VSCD) veterinary dental and oral surgery specialist can provide the extra knowledge and skill needed for successful treatment of many different types of dental conditions.

In September 2017, VSCD welcomed Dr. Matthew Raleigh. As a residency-trained clinician in Dentistry and Oral surgery, Dr. Raleigh completed a three-year residency after treating more than a thousand patients, leading dental workshops for colleagues, and completing a study on oral tumors in dogs. Dr. Raleigh is passionate about all areas of veterinary dentistry, and especially enjoys endodontics and dental education.

  • Periodontal disease—Inflammation of the gums and the periodontium, the support system of the teeth, is a common problem in pets. If left untreated, the deterioration and mouth pain can cause a pet to stop eating and the teeth to become loose in the mouth. Depending on the severity, treatment could entail cleaning under sedation, extractions, and/or removal of portions of the diseased gums followed by an ongoing treatment and care regimen to restore health.
  • Endodontic disease—Damage or inflammation of the hollow area inside a tooth, the endodontic system, can be caused by minor trauma or a more serious fracture of the tooth. Similar to dentistry in people, a root canal is one procedure that is used in some cases of endodontic disease.
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders—This is the main joint of the jaw and plays an important role in normal chewing for the pet. TMJ disorders can be very painful, but treatments are available and met with great success.
  • Oral cancer—Diagnosis of oral cancer through dental X-rays or biopsies, as well as surgical removal of tumors and follow-up treatment, can be provided in many cases through Dr. Raleigh’s expert care.
  • Cleft palate repair—Similar to humans, pets can be born with a cleft palate or a condition where the two halves of the roof of the mouth do not come together during development. Surgical correction can repair the abnormal opening.
  • Restorative dentistry—The Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware is equipped to repair many dental issues such as cavities, minor fractures, enamel defects, or teeth that have excessive wear or are misshapen.
  • Veterinary Dentistry at The Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware
  • Orthodontics—Poorly aligned teeth and jaws or overcrowding can cause a pet considerable discomfort or cause ulcers in the mouth. Many different treatments can be used to relieve problems with the alignment of teeth and jaws.
  • Facial fracture repair—When pets experience trauma to the bones of the face, fracture repair surgery may be necessary. Dr. Raleigh’s experience is a significant asset in difficult fracture situations.
  • Prosthodontics—as with human dentistry, a root canal and crown can be used when function is essential, as in working dogs (e.g. military, police or security dogs). Crowning a tooth may reduce the risk of failure of a restoration and recurrence of endodontic disease.
  • Stomatitis—An often frustrating disease causing inflammation of the mucous lining of any of the structures in the mouth, which may involve the cheeks, gums, tongue, lips, throat, and roof or floor of the mouth.

For the healthy teeth and gums your pet deserves, rely on the specialized dental care of Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware.

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