Coordinated Critical Care for Pets of the Delmarva Region

Critical & Intensive Care For Pets at The Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware
The Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware (VSCD) understands that when a pet is experiencing life-threatening medical conditions, multiple veterinarians and specialists may be beneficial in the diagnostic and treatment process. A veterinary criticalist can work to ensure the smoothest coordination of care for animals with urgent needs that require ongoing or specialty treatment.

What is a veterinary criticalist?

The criticalist is a veterinary specialist who treats life-threatening conditions in pets and coordinates ongoing care beyond the emergency visit. To become certified as a criticalist, after obtaining a veterinary degree, veterinarians spend at least three years focusing only on emergency and critical care medicine. They must pass a rigorous test and meet the advanced requirements of their specialty college.

What does the veterinary criticalist do?

The criticalist serves as a vital link between the referring veterinarians, various specialists, and the emergency doctors to provide a strong bridge of collaboration. She looks at all of the facets of a case, taking the pet past the acute or emergency moment and into the next phase of recovery. As an advocate for your pet, the criticalist will make recommendations and will administer ongoing veterinary care.

Who sees a criticalist?

Pets recovering from emergency situations, in our intensive care unit, dealing with chronic health problems, or who have multiple complicating health issues may be under the care of our criticalist.

The Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware is fortunate to have an exceptional criticalist on staff: