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We are a veterinary specialty/referral practice which also houses a state-of-the-art emergency and critical care/intensive care unit.  By working with your local veterinarian, we provide the advanced knowledge and technical expertise that your seriously ill or injured pet needs.


Our main site, VSCD NEW CASTLE, is located at 290 Churchmans Road in New Castle, Delaware, just behind the New Castle County Airport.  Here we see pets with emergencies 24/7, and specialty appointments and procedures Monday through Saturday. 


Our satellite site, VSCD DOVER, is located at 1482 East Lebanon Road, Dover, Delaware (site of the Delmarva Animal Emergency Center). Specialists in Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology and Surgery are available at VSCD Dover for consultations, rechecks, screenings and limited diagnostics on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with major procedures and surgeries continuing to occur at the New Castle County location.






We have officially opened our full-service 1,000 square foot veterinary rehabilitation building on our New Castle facility's grounds. Services now include full water therapy with heated pool and water treadmill, acupuncture, Class IV cold laser, thermo-therapy, massage, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound and land treadmill. Our center is directed by licensed veterinary doctor and certified rehabilitation practitioner, Dr. Natalie Campbell.  who works alongside skilled hydrotherapist and certified massage therapist, David Mazzoni; Dr. Laurie Sorrell, acupuncturist; and rehabilitation assistant, Amanda.  


VSCD veterinary specialists and clinicians are trained in the world's most advanced treatments and techniques in the specialized areas of cardiology, CAT scan imaging, critical care, dentistry, internal medicine, oncology, ophthalmology, pain management, anesthesia/acupuncture, rehabilitation therapy, radiology/ultrasound and surgery. Our emergency staff veterinarians are highly skilled to treat and manage all emergencies from trauma to chronic ailments. Our "collaborative care" approach ensures the owner, referring (local) veterinarian and VSCD team work together to provide the most specialized and compassionate care for our patients.


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